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Cell Phone Policy

Our school policy for cell phones is "off and away all day." 

At Pioneer Middle School students are asked to keep their phones off and away in their backpacks/lockers from 8:03am (when they enter the main hallways to head to class/lockers), until 2:40 pm (when they leave). Our staff understands that communication between students and home is important. We ask that if students need to use their phones to contact home, that they come to the main office. If students are unable to follow this expectation, they will be asked to turn their phone into the main office, until the end of the day.  If this happens a second time, the phone will need to be picked up by a parent/guardian. Our goal is not to punish our students, but to empower and retrain them to be fully present at school and in their classrooms.

To that end, I encourage you to read the article Take Away Their Cellphones…So we can rewire schools for belonging and achievement and discuss our cell phone policy with your student prior to their first day of school Our goal is to support all of our students to grow academically and socially, and we want to remove any barriers that may prevent this.